The Phone PC

The “Phone PC” is a breakthrough in mobile computing.  With smartphones and tablets becoming the device of choice for connecting to and accessing internet services.  We have built a solution that allows your smartphone or tablet to replace your computer tower.

Here’s how it works: lets say you have a computer or workstation at work and at home.  Instead of buying a computer at each location you simply buy a monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse for each location.

We provide you with:

  • an App that you load on your phone (or tablet).
  • adapter(s) to plug into your monitor(s).
  • the wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • our Cloud PC service.

You provide the monitor and software at each location.

Now what you do is walk in the room, turn on your monitor and open one app on your phone.   Instantly, your phone connects to your Cloud PC and displays it on the monitor.  Using the keyboard and mouse you work normally on your Cloud PC.  When you are all done, simply turn off the monitor.   You can also still use your phone normally.  So now your phone becomes a very powerful tool as it is both your phone and your PC. The video below is a one minute demonstration of how the Phone PC works.

Contact us by email at or call (888) 306-6628 for pricing, more details, a one-on-one system demonstration by webinar, or a free no-obligation product trial.

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