CloudNet Cloud Drive

Store and share files in the cloud.

This service is cloud based virtual hard drive storage similar to services such as Dropbox and Google drive.  The Cloud Drive allows you to access your virtual hard drive from any device on any platform.  The main difference is our servers are located in Canada; therefore, all of your data remains in Canada.

We offer two versions of our Cloud Drive.   A limited free version called CloudNet Cloud Drive and a Pro version called CloudNet Cloud Drive Pro that is included with your Cloud PC.

The free version is limited by the amount of drive space and number of users.

With the Pro version, the number of users are limited only to the number purchased.  Plus the service is branded with your company name and logo.

Contact us by email at or call (888) 306-6628 for pricing, more details, a one-on-one system demonstration by webinar, or a free no-obligation product trial.

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